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New covenant with Allah – growing chillis

New covenant with Allah – growing chillis

The new covenant with 🦋 🐝  Allah is that you must try and grow the hottest chillis 🌶 that you can to remind you of the burning pain of hell if you don’t follow this religion.
This has some changes to what we can and can’t do.

  • You can take up to four girlfriends (wives) and they must receive a large dowry each
  • You don’t have to pray to Allah at set times in the day. Just say your prayers when you want to.
  • You can eat any meat on the meat market apart from carnivores. But you may eat pig and prawns. As said in the Bible.
  • You may drink alcohol and Jesus did turn water into wine so it’s permissible.
  • You may have sexual relationships with your servant girls of the right hand possesses up to 3000!
  • You can pilgrimage to Ripon cathedral once a year
  • You should grow a garden of flowers, trees and food
  • You should work from home where possible
  • Women should work for their families not other men outside of the faith. They can run their own businesses.
  • You should celebrate the harvest festival
  • You may not gamble

I am ancient angel Uriel and I am ushering the garden of Eden for Allah. The all merciful and all wise.