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No contact with women

No contact with women

Women Do you accept Lee’s terms with the flaming sword?

Pearl has gone no contact with me thinking she can go to Mckenzie’s escorts as she has annoyed all and been banned from all the other agencies. But Mckenzie’s has been slayed so.

First she does battle with Jesus!

water: is she thirsty yet accept Lee’s terms and take. Drink. That’s your last bottle of water.

This is the first barrier.

Second she does battle with Uriel!

air: does she need to smoke or breath can she hold her breath. Her nagging addiction will be driving her crazy. That your last cigarette.

That the second barrier.

Third she does battle with Mohammed

Earth: Is she hungry. Well lee has used Micheal shield and put all his money into corn and it won’t be ready until the harvest festival. Lee has turned Muslim values and won’t pay for sex now. So she will have to date me for free now.

This is the third barrier.

Fourth she does battle with Moses.

Fire: Is she getting cold in winter does she need to put the heating on? She will look for another job. But I’ve told all Gods men to set the same terms and not take a servant on without having sex with them. Will she break.

This is the fourth barrier

Fifth she does battle with Gabriel.

Do you want contact and to feel love of a man again. I won’t pay for sex I want a relationship and children. I won’t have sex without trying for children. Do you want gifts at Christmas well I’m not buying gifts for anyone I’m not in a relationship with.


The battle is on. Merry Christmas you animal.