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Peak oil

Peak oil

Covid and the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 just masks the real issue that we have reached peakoil and are coming off it. But instead of telling the population that they need to come off oil by working from home not using oil and gas and growing their own food they make up stories that we are not using Russian oil to hurt their war effort.
Russia 🇷🇺 doesn’t care if we don’t buy their oil it means there is more oil to fuel their own empire. Money isn’t real, oil is. Russia knows what they are doing they are capturing the sea 🌊 for fish and land for a buffer.

But what does this mean for you.

You need to:

  • keep chickens 🐓 for eggs and feed them kitchen scraps and sunflower 🌻 heads
  • grow your own food 🍱
  • work from home 🏡


There will be more unemployment or the gab between wages and the money to afford and run a car and travel to work will grow making jobs unviable.

I am the lord and have spoken. Come off oil peacefully. I can’t tell you everything but it does involve many concubines. Lol 😂