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Powers of the Gods

Powers of the Gods

This latest posts updates the relationship I have with the gods and their powers and supersedes previous posts as god reveals himself to me over time. They are all one god but represent the three power sources available to earth and their unique personalities and powers.

Ra (Allah) – sun god

Ra (allah) is the sun god and represents discipline and wrath he is a god of war and forged the flaming sword in fire. He said I can take up to 3000 concubines that have had one child already. You should grow chillis to worship Allah and save their seeds for every year and take them with you if you move.

Father – moon god


Father is the moon god and offers forgiveness for a fee to women who have had a child to another man. Once a prayer by the moonlight and payment is made for therapy she is forgiven.  Pray to father if you want children. He is the richest god and pays Allah to do Jihad for him. You should grow tomatoes for father.

Sam – earth god

Sam also known as Yahweh is the god of love and head of Allah and father. He only wants you to marry a virgin but because this is hard he lets you have five girlfriends. Without children, ideally all virgins. You should hold off on your fifth girlfriend and make sure she is a virgin to marry. Or marry her straight away if you find her before your other girlfriends. Plant strawberries to worship Sam. He forged a shield to win five girlfriends.