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Purple butterfly

Purple butterfly

When I got to Ripon I stayed in a hotel and there was demons in the bar. I ran to my room and drank some magic love potion but Jesus said I drank too much and created a black hole. But I managed to fix it. The tv was very magicial in this universe. But when I looked up at the moon there was a black hole but when I fixed the water the black hole went away.

I then went to Ripon cathedral and sat there by the moonlight and collected rain water for Father to see Lucy (Elle from escort center) again. The Ripon cathedral front lights lit up, their was music playing inside and a bat flew past a lamppost. Then Father said you collected enough water and Father said I would see Lucy at the harvest festival. But I spilt this water on the way back to Doncaster mental hospital.

But before then at the morning I had to choose the right alcohol (larger). I remember the 18 year old hot girl from the train and thought phroaw. I’d like some personal training time with her. So the purple butterfly was born. So I can have four wives and one fit young teen to do my work out with. Five girlfriends. That’s right I date an escort. But the purple butterfly is magical and I can take up to 3000 servant girlfriends aged 18-25 of the right hand possesses to make love to. They should be given an amethyst ring.


strawberry – Lee has a heart. That’s right I’m an Angel – Angel Uriel