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Quench my thirst

Quench my thirst

I was sat outside Ripon cathedral when I escaped from mental hospital collecting rain water with an upside down umbrella and a jug for father. I loved Lucy elle from escort center and wanted to make wedding water. But as I came home I split the water so I only had a few drops left so I watered the garden in the mental hospital with them once I was recaptured and put love into the air. So I went from the water element to the air element and became Uriel. That gives girls that smoke orgasms and tells them to smoke strawberry e-cigarettes instead. As Lee has a heart.

If you grow your own apples you can make wedding water cider for celebrations at weddings or to drink on dates to relax you, your wife, girlfriends or concubines.

I hope I can find many concubines like Elle from Uriel’s flaming sword. #weddingwater