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Read sandscript

Read sandscript

Read sandscript to find out more about Ra (Allah).

Cat food | witch | superhero | “Laurie this is your last chance” | “This is why your fired” | “Now I feed everyone”. | “Microwave this is your last chance” | serpent | “I don’t like your matches babe” | “Lee’s fire” | secret | Time and space | choice | devil | world ends


Cob web | won’t happen again | hotel | circle knew | victory | Jesus returned | cuddles | brothers got corn

“Laurie I’ll never forgive you for choosing Ian over superman (Jesus)”

mattress| lee has a heart | now lee see’s it the other way | Allah was there


That is why Allah loves me because all you women like bonnie and Laurie break my heart to follow Satan.

This is Allah’s last time to tell you that you lost.