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Sam hybrid God – fight five times harder

Sam hybrid God – fight five times harder

So Father said collect rain water at Ripon cathedral cathedral and I would see Elle at the harvest festival I also got one Harrogate still water for father. I collected one sparkling water for Allah as he said I needed to fight for Elle. So I fought for her with my sword. But nothing has happened yet so with Sam’s (Yahweh) right hand and left hand servant I haven’t see Elle again.

We need both the butterfly (Christianity) and the bee (Islam) to work together to save the earth.

I was left with the parable of the 10 virgins by father. So I have lost hope for Elle. I am that mad at women now for not settling down with me as their husband that I won’t just take one wife but five girlfriends. Allah and father will have to work together for me and Sam (Yahweh).

They call me Allah’s son.