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Say blt twice for five girlfriends

Say blt twice for five girlfriends

I have had some weird experiences. I phoned up 111 when I was having chest pains and they said in the background say blt twice for five girlfriends. So I said it. Then when I got to hospital the people kept saying save the world. I think God or angles possesses people to talk to me.

Well I’m going to be cheeky myself and play my own games and say fathers blt with egg for five girlfriends and Mohammed’s right hand possesses. Let’s see if father and Allah laugh at that! *smiles*

I have the power! Flaming sword

Allah I’ll run that back can I blow your mind and keep the right hand possesses! Give it to me x

Allah and father says yes that is fine! Lol Lee’s a strawberry.

Father and Allah are talking about pass the parcel and blowing things up now. It’s all got crazy. Keep your whip! Allah fancies me.

Allah says make them a servant girl first before making them a girlfriend.