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Servants should submit to you

Servants should submit to you

One of the main beliefs of this religion and faith is that servants of the right hand possesses should submit to you sexually and bare your children. It is one of the key corner stones that the lord has brought to you to found the house of the lord upon. Once people are understanding and accepting of the religion you shouldn’t have any problems finding women to have your children as long as you are providing them, the five elements of water, food, shelter, warmth and love.

This is gods finial solution to fight Satan. To make sure the rightful man has children after the witch did the greatest sin to “Adam” the son of man and gave birth to the Antichrist.




supported by the bible

Hagar the Servant Girl

16 Sarai was Abram’s wife, but she did not have any children. She had an Egyptian servant named Hagar. Sarai told Abram, “The Lord has not allowed me to have children, so sleep with my servant. Maybe she can have a son, and I will accept him as my own.” Abram did what Sarai said.