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Shotgun and jackpot

Shotgun and jackpot

Ra(Allah’s) shotgun – you only get one shot!

When I was in mental hospital outside the nurses office I heard a shotgun noise, then a fruit machine jackpot noise that Dave scaret commented on and said “it looks like we are getting bonuses”.

God revealed to me what that means today.

God has twin properties in the flaming sword it can either be used to make money with girls who have children to other men or find you girlfriends without children to have children with.

Now I am older I am not bothered about money and starting a family is more important so I will use Allah’s shot gun and say girls only have one shot and shouldn’t have other men’s children.

moses staff!

I don’t want to be a millionaire so will say there isn’t enough food to feed both men’s children. So have mine.