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Something went wrong with water

Something went wrong with water

When I was having my religious experience with Jesus after saving my life with water from a heart attack he told me to sell holy water from my tap to build my church. That was Jesus’s idea.

I tried fathers water when I sat outside Ripon Cathedral collecting rain water with an upside down umbrella and a jug under fathers instruction so that I could see my love again Lucy (Elle from escort center) at the harvest festival. Father didn’t deliver on his promise I didn’t get to see Lucy.

So now I try with air as angel Uriel and Allah’s chilli to try and setup Allah’s church and sell Allah’s chillis.

Allah says play the game and sell his chillis you’ll get your money back. If you don’t believe in Allah go to saint Catherine’s hospital in Doncaster. God gave me the strength to kick open the magnetically sealed doors and outer doors to escape. Now start collecting evidence. Grow Allah’s chillis and you will be successful.