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Soul stones

Soul stones

Soul stones

I have now put in three soul stones into the flaming sword. I give rings to the girls depending on the relationship I have with them.

Ruby ring – wife

This is for a girl aged 18-19 without children that wants to be my wife. She will get a dowry of her own business such as Modeware. She is won by the God Sam.

Emerald ring – five girlfriends

I will give each of my five girlfriends an emerald ring. These girls should be aged 18-25 without children and want to have my children. Live with me and work at my marketing agency. They are given to me by Father.

Amethyst ring – 3000 servants

Amethysts rings are for my servants of the right hand possesses. Given to me by Ra (Allah). Aged 18-25 and could have one child already to another man. These can also have my children if they want but don’t live with me.