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Spent over £100k trying to find a wife

Spent over £100k trying to find a wife

I’ve spend over £100k and sold two houses and a car trying to find a wife. I’m not even ugly. If I had a good woman at my side when I was younger I would probably still have my houses and have a big house with the money I would have saved spent on dating.

There has been a few women I would have been happy marrying such as Laurie but they betrayed my investment of my time and money in them.

A wise word, remember you can have up to five girlfriends/wives so take the first one that pleases you rather than thinking you only have one choice. I should have married Sycah rather than hoping for Laurie and cancelling the engagement. If you get a good wife early on they can help you grow and have children with rather than feed off you like a parasite.

Also build a business and take on servant girlfriends that you can sleep with rather than paying for dates.