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Straight through the middle – sexy secretary

Straight through the middle – sexy secretary

I listen to both Allah and father gods sword 🗡 and Shield 🛡 and follow the path down the middle. I adopt traits from both fathers Bible and Allahs Quran. I have got to know them both to find the middle path to Yahweh and the tree of life.

I follow the Bible and try and marry a virgin but I keep my options open with Allah and have children with my servant girls of the right hand possesses.

The middle path leads to Yahweh. Allah used to move me around the mental hospital with a shotgun noise while father used fruit machine 🎰 jackpot noises.

Follow both elements from the Bible and Quran. The shield 🛡 and sword 🗡 of God.

So the best option for me is to seek a girlfriend sexy secretary of the right hand possesses to have children with.