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Summary of the religion

  • We believe in the five elemental sprits. Water – Jesus, air – Uriel, earth – Mohammed, fire – Moses and love – angel Gabriel
  • We celebrate The harvest festival
  • We keep an apple tree as our covenant to god.
  • We can eat pork but no other carnivore land animal.
  • Don’t eat cow in the month of January
  • Men shouldn’t take drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or gamble.
  • Don’t be a slave to other men’s children
  • Save the animals
  • We can have five girlfriends without children to have children with
  • We grow as much as our own food as we can
  • We donate 2.5% of what we earn to the church
  • Believing women can’t marry anyone outside the religion.
  • A man must treat all his girlfriends equally and provide them with food, clothing, shelter and means of work.
  • You shouldn’t have a girlfriend who have children to other men.
  • We don’t believe in borrowing money with interest
  • Women should only have children to men that follow this religion
  • You should pay a male servant double that of a female servant so he can take care of his girlfriends
  • A girlfriend should be able to be bought off her parents
  • The religion will be spread by the shield and the sword.
  • Men should shave their heads to make us more competitive at grooming against women.
  • The holy sprit is made up of the five elements; water, air, earth, fire and love.
  • Girlfriends should submit to you sexually