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Summary of the religion

  • We believe in the four elemental prophets that make up the four horsemen. Water – Jesus, air – Lee, earth – Mohammed and fire – Moses.
  • We celebrate The harvest festival as our main religious festival
  • We don’t work sundays, Gods day of rest
  • We keep two plants as part of our covenant to god and say our prayers to. Allah’s chills and Fathers mint
  • We can eat pork but no other carnivore land animal.
  • We don’t take drugs, smoke, gamble or drink excess alcohol.
  • We can have five wives they should be pure without children to have children with and we give them dowries each.
  • We can have up to 3000 servant girlfriends to have children with.
  • We grow as much as our own food as we can
  • We donate 2.5% of what we earn to the church
  • We donate to wildlife animals in our wills
  • We believe that God Yahweh is made up of the darkside of the sprit Allah that encompasses his wrath and discipline and the light side of the sprit Father which encompasses gods love and forgiveness.
  • We believe in the following future events will take place, a meteor that hits the earth, a nuclear war and a great famine.
  • Believing women can’t marry anyone outside the religion.
  • Laurie the beast gave birth to the Antichrist and the devil rules the world but the rules of the four horsemen will restore gods kingdom.
  • We believe in the arrival of a finial fifth element in the future that represents Love.
  • A husband must treat all his wives equally and provide them with food, clothing and shelter he shouldn’t treat his servants with the same weight as his wives.
  • You shouldn’t marry women who have children to other men.
  • You should have an sex with lots of women at the harvest festival
  • We don’t believe in borrowing money with interest
  • Women should only have children to men that follow this religion
  • You should pay a male servant double that of a female servant so he can take care of his wives
  • A wife should be able to be bought off her parents
  • Lee is Jesus – The glass of water, meet Jesus in the air