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The 7th seal

The 7th seal

It was night, late evening and the voice of Laurie and Ian appeared above my room. Laurie who I loved more than the world had just fallen pregnant to Ian an abusive man.

ian: “Get him Laurie”

Laurie: “Let’s see what happens when we open th 7th seal”

Then Laurie’s sprit started stabbing me in the room. I ran about in the dark trying to hide from her and called for an ambulance and put on some baggy pj bottoms.

The ambulance arrived and took me to doncaster royal infirmary where I was admitted into a and e. I got up and in a trance with my eyes closed I walked forward saying “Adam don’t trust Eve”. I kept calling out to Adam saying “Adam don’t trust Eve”. The women nurses started hissing at me like snakes. As you got to the end of the corridor I felt my body squirm around and with my eyes closed I saw a firey pit below and a bright light above. Just as I looked up and felt myself about to assend upwards. The doctors and nurses dragged me back into a chair and injected me with things. The doctor said I just saved your life.
They put me on a drip on a higher floor and two angel nurses put Angel water in me with Moses snake venom in it. They did angel magic on me. But basically with Allahs bit of candy turned four wives and the right hand possesses into five girlfriends. I had a superman ring on and it was stuck on my finger it had been cursed. An Angel called gurda pulled the ring off my finger and said ouch that cow Laurie just took 1/2 my powers. She said oh no she has put all demons above and angels below we will have to fight our way back up. Lee now you will be known as Uriel will have to look after nature. The next morning a heard an angel blow a mighty trumpet outside.

I then went to mental hospital and on skelbrook ward heard Allah throw Laurie into the firey pits of hell and I cried. Allah let her back out and changed the universe people teleported around me and I saw a Muslim doctor in two places at the same time. Laurie voice said to me you now have the “ring of power”, which gives me the right to have sex with any woman that works for me of the right hand possesses.