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The dark Prince is here

The dark Prince is here

The dark Prince is here. A child born of a witch/ whore. A boy with blue eyes and blonde hair. You should seek protection in my armour and follow this religion and save the planet. Even god is scared. The witch and the boy will pray on kind men to support their rise of the princes castle.

People will say “he is just a boy” but they don’t realise the sin the witch did to conceive him and bring him into the world it broke the lords heart.

The witch and the boy will rise to great fame and riches and they will laugh at me the lord. But I tell you the truth he is the “dark Prince”. I swear all that I say about the witch and the dark Prince is true and have been kept in prison of a mental hospital for many years because of it. Those things happened to me read my story. Allah even says I’ve lost. I’ve spent all my money (sold two houses and my car) searching for a wife/girlfriend and to have my own child but all I have done is fund Satan and be held prisoner. I just hope for the 5th element and that Angel Gabriel can fix it.

She shouldn’t have had the gang bang! God hates that. Who are you going to trust; God? Or the one who has gang bangs?

Because the witch had the Antichrist she didn’t get my handbag full of gold and pearls. They are witches. She should have known when I didn’t give her the ring and the handbag.

I had a million pound ring I just couldn’t lift it without her, so all I got was £5!