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The four horsemen are here

The four horsemen are here

The four horsemen are here, the four elemental sprits; Jesus – water, Lee – air, Mohammed – earth and Moses – fire. We will rain destruction on the earth with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires with increased occurrence. To save yourself we ask you to follow us:

Mohammed’s Men Ride Out On Your – White Horse

Men of Mohammed ride out on your white horse of peace and win servant girls up to 3000 of the right hand possesses and have children with them and belong to the religion.

Jesus’s Men – Ride Out On Your Red Horse

Men of Jesus and of this religion ride out on your red horse and have a mighty peaceful war of discipline and words to not let whores and women pray on nice men but be girlfriends of them. Up to five you may take and give them dowries.

People Of Moses – Ride Out On A Black Horse

People of Moses ride out on a black horse grow your own food  and help prevent famine and celebrate the harvest festival and judgement day is here.

People Of Stovin – Ride Out On Your Pale Horse

People that follow me Stovin please donate to charities to help save animals such as the elephant. It was by Devine revolution by the angel Gabriel that I was told to try and save the animals. Leave in your will a donation to save the animals. Death