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The four horsemen

The four horsemen

The four elemental sprits, the four horsemen will reign on the earth with increased destruction until the arrival of the fifth element.

Jesus spirit of water will destroy with floods

Lee’s sprit of air will destroy with wind

Mohammed’s sprit of earth will destroy with earthquakes

Moses’s sprit of fire will destroy with fires

We will ride out as four horsemen to bring in Gods kingdom.

Mohammed rides a white horse

Mohammeds men ride out on your white horse of peace and take on servants girls up to 3000 each of the right hand possesses and have children to them.

Jesus rides a red horse

Jesus’s men ride out on your red horse symbolising the sacrament taken on Sunday and take up to four pure wives without children and give them a dowry of either; money, a business, gold, property or land. Argue with women not to be whores and take nice men’s money but to choose a life of god and chastity and then to get married. Carry a flaming sword of peace.

Moses rides a Blackhorse

Moses’s men ride out on your black horse and grow as much of your own food as you can and celebrate the harvest festival.

Lee rides a pale horse

Lee’s men ride out on your pale horse of death and leave in your will a donation to help save wild animals.

The four horsemen will save the earth from Satan and bring in Gods kingdom.