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The light and darkside of the force

The light and darkside of the force

I have come to know both allah (Ra) and father well over the last few years and have come to see that they are ying Yang sprits. While Allah (Ra) Rules with the dark side of the sprit with anger and fear, father rules with the light side of the sprit love and compassion. Allah (Ra) wanted me to be in the dark side while father the light side. Allah (Ra) is gods sword 🗡 while father is gods shield 🛡 . It was Yahweh that introduced me to allah (Ra) and father so I just follow him and grow a strawberry 🍓.

I keep my covenant with father and grow mint🍃 and a garden 🪴 for the homeless to eat that wonder onto my land.

For Allah I grow chillis 🌶 to warn people not to steal off my land. But I sit in the middle with strawberries 🍓 and grow them for everyone and the birds.

People may wonder why do I still keep my covenant with Allah and keep his chilli 🌶 plant. Well if I ever get captured again and put in mental hospital I would pray to Allah to fight my enemies and to set me free.

People may wonder who is stronger Allah or father. Well with all my love wouldn’t set me free from mental hospital to see the girl I loved Elle as father promised by the harvest festival. And when I was free allah couldn’t get me to kill my enemy. So I am disciplined and am neither good or evil. But my sprit sits in the middle. I am kind but I would want my enemies destroyed for what they have done to me in the past and not offer them forgiveness.