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The water changed

The water changed

At the start I was a weak man. I felt like I was controlled by women, that I was never good enough and that I had to settle for whatever I could get.

All I wanted was a nice woman to marry early on in life and have a few children.

Then the woman I fell in love with; Laurie, broke my heart by having another mans baby.

Then I met God and he mended my heart by saying I could have five girlfriends and up to 3000 concubines.

Then I was taken advantage of by many women who just used me for money and I lost everything.
Now I have become a hard alpha male that doesn’t take to being second best.

I follow God and stick to my quest for five girlfriends and many concubines and to live in a big house. The girls that turned me down in my younger years can sit and watch and I’ll never take them back. They made their choice.

I will rule by the flaming sword.

I tell you one main thing:

”A man shouldn’t have to water another mans field”