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The wife that had broken his sprit

The wife that had broken his sprit

A loving devoted husband and built up his company to a point where he had lost all motivation. His company wasn’t growing anymore and he was loosing interest and motivation.

Then a prophet came along and said you have much water, why not water your seed and told the man about the right hand possesses and that he could have more children to his female servants. The business man got excited and told his wife.

But she wasn’t having any of it. She said your not having children to your servants. The man got sad again. He loved his wife and felt conflict as he was excited about the possibility of having sex with his right hand possesses.

The prophet went to the business mans wife and said, if you let your husband have concubines to have children his seed will bring a big harvest and feed you and your family for years. If you don’t let your husband plant his seed in his concubines your harvest will fail.

So she agreed. That year the businesses man had children to all of his 50 servants and they grew up to run a massive business for him and they looked after the mans wife very well in her old age.