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There are three trees in my garden

There are three trees in my garden

There are three trees in my garden:

Fathers tree of wisdom.

You make mistakes in life and come to father for forgiveness for a price and a prayer. The wise owl sits at this tree.

Sam’s tree of money

You try chasing love and your dreams down with constant hard work but love doesn’t come just money. A monkey sits in this tree with his banana.

Allah’s tree of magic

Allah’s tree teaches your discipline and gives you many a servant of the right hand possesses to give orgasms to. He is the tree of magic. A purple cat sits under this tree.


Be careful which one you water.

But the priests say: “Ahh but what tree is taller.”

Lee replied: “My tree is filled with water.” “I spent a fortune on wisdom rather than paying for love. making me an expert”.

The priests stand under the tree of magic. Allah thinks and says your tree is just a bauble. You won’t survive breakfast. Now go stand by the tree of knowledge as Lee won’t listen.

Water goes with Lee. He will covert within a week. Jesus isn’t feeling very well he will starve within a week. Grow your own food or you are dead! You don’t know how far the dining table will go. All the way to heaven. That comes from God.