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There is a god In charge of every universe

There is a god In charge of every universe

There is a god in charge of every universe. When I was travelling through universes I would hear several gods voices coming from the heavens. In each universe god would have his two servants Ra (Allah) and Father who act as attack and defence.

Jesus would lead the negotiation of our arrival into the new universe and explain to the Gods and it’s defenders Christianity and water. And how Christianity is like water that washes away your sins.

Then I would explain my mistakes in life such as chasing strippers to be my girlfriend and how air is better way to find wives/girlfriends.

That is where I left it. I don’t know if Mohammed, Moses and Gabriel talked to the gods about earth, fire and love.

Jesus would then mix the waters and merge universes.

Ra (allah) sun

Sam – earth

Father – moon

This is how to attack every universe with air.

Allah’s chillis

Ra (Allah) first goes in with discipline and war and gets rid of the enemy. So take Allah’s chills seeds to a new land and grow them once you have negotiated the religion with Allah and how your allowed four wives and then move in with Sam (Yahweh). Sword

Sam’s strawberries

Then go in with Sam and explain how your allowed five girlfriends four wives and one non virgin of the right hand possesses for five girlfriends. Shield

Fathers mint.

Once Sam is established and you have your five girlfriends in your family introduce father and how he offers forgiveness to women with a child if they pay a tribute and say a prayer by the moonlight then you can have up to 3000 servant girls to have children with and show how it is in the bible. Halo