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They all did it in the toilets

They all did it in the toilets

When things started going strange for me was when I started working for a Muslim company and they was all having sex with the girls in the toilets. I found it very distressing mainly because I was jealous that they wasn’t doing it with me. Then I went to two other companies afterwards and they did the same. So I thought enough was enough I will setup my own company and have my own girls and not miss out.

The girl at the Muslim company said they paid her in cash as tips on her break but to keep it from me because I’m not Muslim. She even had a boyfriend and cheated on him but now I have my own company I understand . Muslims are forgiven.

But I will do things different. I won’t do it in the toilets but a bedroom and not allow them to have boyfriends that don’t pay them.

Don’t worry I will have my five girlfriends. Now don’t drink my tea. lol


Don’t rape.