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They are not exactly strippers

They are not exactly strippers

Ra (Allah) told dr gosh on a phone call that he wanted strippers to see me.
Today aspire came to see me and he was a older man than me. Not exactly a stripper so allah is mad.

Your making me out not to be a prophet lol

Demons are winning.

I want to watch them dance.

I want some money this time and I will sort my own support worker.

It isn’t all about growing your own food, there is strippers in the religion too ;).

I would rather see female escorts for my company and friends. Jesus/Uriel

Does it look like I wear a dress?

I would rather save an elephant than wear a dress and go on dates with old men. I want to be in charge of my own money for social care.

I would rather see witches even though they have kids than go on dates with old men. But I wouldn’t pay them out of my own pocket they blew their chances with me, they would have to pay me really after what they did.

I want to live like Hugh Hefner.