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Treat your girlfriends fairly

Treat your girlfriends fairly

You may take up to five girlfriends and 3000 servant girlfriends (concubines) as many fields give a greater harvest than one and Gods children are the ones that should inherit the earth. As the mighty God said to me with a booming voice from the sky “let him have five girlfriends”. It is wise to not let a mans heart be invested soley in one woman as she can’t be trusted just like Adam shouldn’t have trusted eve in the garden of Eden. It was in a trance where I walked with my eyes closed that I called out to Adam; “Adam don’t trust eve” and the women hissed like snakes.

Give your wives a dowry of land, property, money, gold or a business so they feel secure in the relationship and women look after this dowry and use it towards the family do not squander.

Feel free to have sex with your servant girlfriends as it keeps them loyal and gives you extra fields to sew with your seed and have more children. However they are not of the same weight in your household as your wives so do not give them a dowry. God said as if things should ever come to war I am not limited to five wives but I can take up to 3000 girlfriends, so I made Jesus’s sword of a escort agency to crush my enemy. How else to raise Gods army but by the womb of your servant girls. These servant girlfriends can comfort you with cuddles into your old age.