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Two angels and water – gurda

Two angels and water – gurda

Two angels helped give me my angel powers 1/2 from father from angel gurda and 1/2 from Ra (Allah’s) angel who put Moses venom in my sprit.

I had a cheap superman ring (the ring of power) that the witch cursed and put the witch and Satan on top and god at the bottom and angels have been fighting their way up ever since.

The ranks of the devils go:

  1. satan
  2. ian
  3. The witch

My angel powers will fight Satan and angels and god will end up on top.

It took Angel gurda half her powers to pull the curse ring off my finger.

Allah taught me to flush the witch down the toilet and made me more powerful than the god Sam.

You only get one chance.


I told Allah’s and fathers angel how I saved a bee from a spiders web that’s when they made me an Angel and told me to look after nature.

Then I had Allah’s bit of candy a sweet that Allah’s angel left out that angel gurda gave me. That gave me the right hand possesses and push from four wives to five girlfriends.

I also have the power of the last water genie the master of time and space which makes me more powerful than Sam. So I don’t have to save the witches child.


The angels told me not to tell anyone but it’s been years lol.