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Two classes Lords and servants

Two classes Lords and servants

There is two classes of people even through everyone has equal chances depending if your religious or not makes you a lord of servant. Because lords save money by following the religion they can afford staff they do this by:

  • Growing their own food
  • Shaving their heads
  • Not smoking, drinking or gambling
  • Borrowing with interest
  • Paying for strippers or sex
  • save seed
  • keeing food producing pets
  • using your sword
  • Not having to use women’s sanitary products
  • Wearing plain non expensive clothes
  • By killing the swine – anything on the meat market is fine to eat – pork
  • Not paying for birth control – let women defend against our sword (penis)

All these savings make it possible for you to take on a servant and make you a lord.

I see five pussycats.

You think I won’t kill the swine Laurie watch me not feed your baby. The swine is dead!

”A man shouldn’t have to water another mans field”

The Antichrist is dead peacefully. No contact

You don’t understand Islam Laurie. Jesus kills the swine when we are hungry. Inshallah I will have children.

You see Islam makes the biggest sacrifice for me by not eating pork and fasting they make the meat cheaper for the lord Jesus to buy because it is plenty. My fourth stomach.

But because my people don’t kill cows and plant flowers for bees. There is milk and honey to feed Muslims.

Its time to feels Allah’s sting Laurie. Muslims eat beef and money and drink milk to stay strong and fight for me.