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Uriel is also known as Israfil

Uriel is also known as Israfil

Uriel also known as Israfil in Islam and is one of the oldest angels and was responsible for overseeing the garden of Eden.

When Adam took the forbidden fruit Uriel called out to Adam not to trust eve and eve hissed like a snake and eventually after calling out to Adam many times. Adam obeyed and put down the forbidden fruit that eve had given to him.

Eve was then kicked out of the garden of Eden for disobeying God but Adam felt sorry for eve so left with her.

How do I know! I was there.

Eve now is in conflict with Adam and wants to rule Adam on behalf of Satan.

Good women should obey god and want to fall in-line with their husband and not challenge him but obey him.

Uriel “Guardian of the garden”.