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Uriel knows how to make lunch

Uriel knows how to make lunch

Uriel certainly knows how to make lunch.


Father’s Blt with egg

Fathers blt with fathers bacon, home grow tomatoes, lettuce and Mohammed boiled egg for five girlfriends and up to 3000 servant concubines of the right hand possesses.

Allah’s chilli and tomatoe soup

Allah makes things hot with discipline and serves girls with a child to another man his tomatoes and chilli soup so they commit to work as a servant for life for the family.

Fathers spaghetti Bolognese

Father serves his servant girls of the right hand possesses his chilli, tomato, mushroom, peppers, onion and mince meat spag bol at the harvest festival and every Saturday after and tries to get them pregnant. With angels Michaels corn!l and garlic bread!


Uriel’s strawberries

Uriel has a heart and takes five girlfriends as (sister wives). He gives the world time to breath with taking one with another mans child, three non virgins and a virgin as his lawful wife.

Like I said Uriel knows how to cook!

This is why you must keep your covenant with God by growing fathers tomatoes and Allah’s chillis.