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Moses – War and peace

Moses – War and peace

There is no time to waste in trying to save the planet so I will start planting fruit trees now while looking for love. But if the world and girls just use me and I never have my own child then circles go to war with the Antichrist and capture him and make him grow his own food don’t feed it . Don’t make me have just have been a slave to the devil. So with love in my heart I try to save the earth for you by planting trees but don’t double cross me or I will have my revenge from the grave. If you can’t find the Antichrist just stay warm by burning firewood and undo all circles hard work. “We won’t be slaves” Moses

I craft my Moses staff out of a apple tree and throw it too the ground and it turns into a snake. Catch them by surprise. If you don’t want to be a slave to other mens children then buy Moses fire!

Do you think the god of Abraham is a weak god? he is a god of might and wrath if you don’t listen to him. In fact buy and install your wood burning fireplace as a backup before you start planting apples trees just encase you have to go to war with it for the beautiful women who be showing off. If my people are really with me then common! Girls you better watch it do you really want to fight this trance. Fourth horseman

So I shave my head once more and do battle with women over the element of fire. Without buying Moses fire you are just a slave, it’s very important that you buy your freedom (shave your head and give me the fiver for you save to buy your freedom and moses fire, I’ll know your a free man when I see you as your head will be shaved)