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What does the arrival of the Antichrist mean

What does the arrival of the Antichrist mean

Laurie had a choice between the lamb of god who was a very good man; Who helped others, loved people, helped women with children, gave to charity and was the best of men. Or a man who shouted at her, used her for money and didn’t treat her well.

Lee loved Laurie more than the world but she choose to have a child to evil than good. This opened the 7th seal when it broke my heart and I died from a heart attack and came back alive. The prophecy wasn’t for everyone to come back from the dead just me.

This started the release of the four horsemen. It doesn’t mean the child is evil itself but born of evil. A prostitute, physic witch.

God asked me to raise the child to be good but the time past the harvest festival has past and the four horsemen will rule the earth and also bring increased destruction by Jesus – Floods, lee – wind, Mohammed – earthquakes and Moses – fire.

God is annoyed with women praying on nice men of god and supporting evil so sent me as a prophet to deliver the four horsemen.