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What opened the seventh seal

What opened the seventh seal

I was deeply in love with Laurie a whore who bewitched me and I did everything I could to try and marry her such as giving her wealth and buying her a ring, clothes and gifts. I cried when she told me she was pregnant to an abusive boyfriend who had two children already to a previous woman. I would have done anything to be with Laurie. The pain was so bad I died briefly from a heart attack then Jesus brought me back to life and restored me with water.
The pain of loosing Laurie out my life and she stop me contacting her by the police. This opened the seventh seal.

I can’t go back and death fell upon the earth as a plague. After meeting God and him telling me I can have five girlfriends my wrath will fall upon the earth as Lee has a heart and refuses the imbalance that whores have over the world. Only women without children will be girlfriends/wives the others will belong to my right hand as servants. I carry my sword of an escort agency.