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Which element will win

Which element will win

The five girlfriends that I would have chosen to be my five girlfriends some have failed big and had other men’s babies over mine.

  • Water – Laurie lost she had another mans baby
  • Air – Emily lost she had another mans baby and didn’t sleep with me
  • Earth – Neveah lost she wouldn’t quit working as a Leeds escort even though she hasn’t had another mans baby and has slept with too many men I would be too scared to sleep with her now.
  • Fire – Foxy lost as she wouldn’t have my baby
  • love – Elle I’ve not seen I don’t know if she has had another mans baby but she only has until Christmas 2021.

As you can see I am running out of girlfriends as they choose to have other men’s babies over mine. But which girl will win and be my wife and have my babies. Now I don’t feed the women who have had other men’s babies and they and their babies can starve. It was their choice.

If non of these girls have my children then satan has won and I will seek my revenge with the flaming sword and slay men and women with it.