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You can’t have multiple boyfriends

You can’t have multiple boyfriends

I was asked can I have multiple boyfriends by a girl and I said no. As she wouldn’t provide for them like a man would for a woman but would expect them to provide for her. She would be no different than a whore who has 200 to 1000 sexual partners who all provide for her. It is an abomination of sin. She just takes without showing love or commitment.

In my religion the man must still provide for the woman in the relationship. Even though in the time I write this a woman has equal rights of pay and equal job opportunities but they still demand a man to provide for them out of their earnings and pay for dates. Which is vastly unfair for the man who could be earning the same or less than the woman.

In my system the man should try to aim for himself and his women be part of the family business. The man should still be head of the household.